About SweetLabs

At SweetLabs, we provide solutions that help app deveolpers reach millions of new customers, and enable device manufacturers to monetize and differentiate their products throught apps.

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Darrius Thompson
Founder, CEO

Darrius is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at SweetLabs. As the company leader, Darrius is responsible for overseeing strategic efforts behind company initiatives and our product suite. Prior to SweetLabs, Darrius was one of the founders and executives at DivX, a successful video technology company that went public in 2006, where he served multiple leadership roles. Darrius is also an award-winning photographer, proud father, and bicycling enthusiast.

Adrian Bourke
Founder, VP Product

Adrian is a co-founder and VP of Product at SweetLabs where he is responsible for driving product innovation and leading the Pokki product team. Prior to SweetLabs, Adrian was a core engineer and product lead responsible for bringing DivX video technology to multiple platforms, including the first version of DivX for Mac. A native of Australia, Adrian enjoys tofu nuggets, modeling v-neck t-shirts and long-distance running...

Mark Chweh
Founder, CTO

Mark is a co-founder and CTO at SweetLabs based in Seattle where he runs the Systems Engineering/ IT team and is the key technology strategist across product lines. Mark is a self-confessed startup addict with extensive experience building out platforms that scale to hundreds of millions of users and devices. Prior to co-founding SweetLabs, Mark led new technologies at DivX and various other startups in the Pacific Northwest.

Blake Machado
Founder, VP Design

Blake is a co-founder and VP of Design at SweetLabs where he oversees and manages the design team of in-house web-developers and graphic designers. Prior to SweetLabs, Blake was the co-founder and CEO of Corporate Green, a tech startup focused on building social websites, which was acquired by DivX pre-IPO in 2006. Blake enjoys spending time with his wife and two Vizslas in his spare time.

Matt Meredith
Founder, Engineering

Matt is the co-founder and software engineer at SweetLabs whose main focus has been developing and fostering growth of the SweetLabs software network. Prior to that, he helped build a video sharing community at DivX, following his time with other media-centric organizations while attending UCLA.

SweetLabs Logos
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SweetLabs Brand Colors
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HEX #FF5250
RGB 255, 82, 80
RGB 7, 176, 204
RGB 161, 168, 178
HEX #2F323F
RGB 47, 50, 63

Pokki Logos
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