SweetLabs surpasses 1 billion app installs for hundreds of software developers and advertisers

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App distribution platform enables developers to reach Windows and Android users through high-quality app install ads.

San Diego, CA – January 6, 2015 – SweetLabs, an app distribution platform for Windows and Android  developers and device manufacturers (“OEMs”), today announced that it has driven over 1 billion app installs across 180 countries for hundreds of partners across SweetLabs’ app install ad network.

SweetLabs empowers developers to promote and monetize their applications through two unique distribution channels: the online channel, which recommends apps during the download and installation process of other apps; and the OEM channel, which offers developers premium placement to recommend and deliver apps on devices during first boot, as well as over the lifetime of the device, through unique integration partnerships with OEMs like Lenovo, Toshiba and Acer.

“We started SweetLabs 7 years ago, with the aspiration of building the largest app distribution company in the world and today’s milestone is a giant step towards our goal of helping developers reach new users,” said SweetLabs co-founder and CEO, Darrius Thompson. “The app install ad market is exploding, thanks to players like Facebook, Twitter, and Google entering the fray and SweetLabs’ unique focus on creating a distribution footprint with device makers opens up a massive channel to developers that has been previously untapped and inefficient for most.”

SweetLabs’ app install ad network is trusted by over 300 software developers and advertisers worldwide, including Amazon, Kabam, and Baidu to get worldwide visibility among high-quality users. Driving an average of 1 million installs per day, and a fill rate of 98% worldwide, SweetLabs’ smart app serving technology – the ability to target apps based on device type, device mode, hardware features, location, time, and user demographics – ensures that a developer’s app reaches the right user on the right device, at the right time.

“App install ads are the fastest growing marketing medium as it gets harder and harder for millions of developers to get visibility for their apps, and SweetLabs is in a strong position to help,” said SweetLabs co-founder and CMO, Chester Ng. “Our unique focus on the 1.5 billion Windows daily active users, when everyone had written off the PC as dead, has built a large beach head to expand into Android.”

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About SweetLabs

SweetLabs is an app distribution platform that helps developers reach millions of new users, and enables device manufacturers to better monetize and differentiate their devices. SweetLabs’ product offering includes a high-quality app install ad network trusted by hundreds of software developers and advertisers worldwide, and app management cloud-based services that enable OEMs to dynamically customize, recommend and deliver apps on Windows and Android devices. SweetLabs drives over 1 million daily app installs and powers distribution for partners like Lenovo, Amazon, and Microsoft. Based in San Diego and Seattle, SweetLabs is backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Google Ventures, and Intel Capital. Visit http://www.sweetlabs.com for more information.